Montpellier’s cringeworthy transfer unveiling of Yun Il-Lok

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Montpellier revealed in an incredibly awkward way that they had signed South Korean attacker Yun Il-Lok.

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Montpellier completed the signing of Yun Il-Lok earlier this week and celebrated his arrival in cringeworthy, if a little predictable, fashion.

Philippe Sers, the club’s voice across media platforms, stars in two bizarre Gangnam Style-themed videos — one to tease the arrival of Yun and the other to confirm it.

In the first video, Sers’ phone rings. South Korean artist Psy’s 2012 viral hit is the ringtone as club president Laurent Nicollin (saved on Sers’ phone as “my beloved president”) calls to inform Sers of the arrival.

Later on, presumably just a few hours along the line, Sers has learned the “Gangnam Style” dance and proceeds to greet Yun with a rendition of it once Nicollin triggers his ringtone again.

The player, clearly as embarrassed as the fans must have been watching it, joins in quickly — presumably out of sympathy — before giving Sers the thumbs-up and kissing the Montpellier badge during his photoshoot.

Cringeworthy, yes, but is it the worst of all time? As we’ve seen in the past, it could be much more embarrassing if you involve magicians, rubber lion masks and staged kidnappings.

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