MLS commissioner Don Garber will closely monitor Robert Kraft case

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MLS commissioner Don Garber says the MLS are monitoring the situation involving New England Revolution owner Robert Kraft.

Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber refused to comment on the charges facing Robert Kraft in an interview with ESPN’s Taylor Twellman but reaffirmed that the league has a conduct policy that all members must adhere to.

Kraft, the owner of the MLS club the New England Revolution and the NFL’s New England Patriots, has been charged on two counts of first-degree solicitation in Florida.

“We’re aware of the case down in Florida and following the developments closely,” Garber said in an exclusive interview with ESPN.

“You know all leagues have a commissioner or give the commissioner a broad authority on addressing these kind of incident, whether it’s a player, whether it’s a staff member or whether it’s an owner, and we’re going to continue to monitor it closely.

“You know, obviously, it is a legal proceeding, and as such, I probably can’t comment any further.”

When pressed on whether MLS has a conduct policy, Garber responded: “Yes, all of us, whether it’s the commissioner, it’s staff, players or an owner, has a conduct policy. Correct.”

According to documents released by the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office on Monday, Kraft visited a Florida massage parlor for sex acts on the morning of the NFL’s AFC Championship Game, which he attended in Kansas City later that day.

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